On July 8th, I turn thirty. 

The Big 3-0. 

Three decades. 


I’ve noticed that many of my friends have been going into severe panic mode at the thought of leaving their twenties.  Me?  I’m excited!  I love birthdays and what better time than a three-decade milestone to get out there and celebrate all the things I love?!

Why thirty days?  

Well, because it makes for a catchy title: Thirty Days of Turning Thirty.  And one month seemed like an appropriate amount of time to celebrate.

Does this mean my sixtieth will be celebrated for sixty days?


How did I decide which days would make up the celebration?

My dad’s birthday is June 27th.  I didn’t want to take away from his day and I wanted my birthday to be in the middle of the thirty-day celebration.  Therefore, the festivities start June 28th and finish up July 27th.

Is there something scheduled for each day?

While I will being doing at least one thing to celebrate each day, I do not have something scheduled every day.  I have a list of simple things that make me happy to fill in the days without “official” plans.  For example, one fine day, I will get comfy on the couch and recite every line to Clueless as I watch it for the 746th time.*  

Is the celebration limited to thirty-year-olds?

Heck no!  Of course, my thirty-year-old boyfriend, Jim, will be around for most of the celebrations, but so will my four-year-old hound dog, Marshall Dillon!  And many friends and family.  See?  Young and old alike will gather together to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of my birth!

So, what exactly do I have planned?

Stick around and find out!

*No, I haven’t really kept track.  Come on!